Membership Information


Please complete the following forms and return them to Andy Scholl in G-2 Multipurpose Building.

Fitness Center memberships for actively enrolled ID-holding students are paid via Activity Fees. Students who have not registered for classes and have not paid Activity Fees will not have access to the Fitness Center.

Memberships are also available at $15/month for S&T affiliated ID-holding faculty, staff, retirees, & spouses. Fees can be payroll deducted or pre-paid at $15/month for a chosen length of time. All fee-based transactions occur in G-2 Gale Bullman.

A valid Missouri S&T ID card is required to use both the Student Recreation Center as well as the Fitness Center. To both enter & leave the Fitness Center, place you ID over a turnstile card reader. If your ID is active & functional, the turnstiles will let you In and Out.

Spouses of faculty, staff, active students, alumni, and retirees can obtain an ID card at the Miner Card ID Office for $15 in 106 Centennial. For more information on the Miner Card, visit or call 573-341-4996.

You will need to complete the Fitness Center Membership Application  and the Payroll Deduction Form. Forms should be returned to Andy Scholl, Fitness Center Manager. They can be returned by email (scanned document or electronically signed writable .pdf file), campus mail, or by bringing them to the S&T Fitness Center or the Administrative Offices. After payment and verification of status, you will be notified by email that your forms have been processed.

Membership Cancellation

To cancel a payroll deducted membership, fill-out the payroll deduction form, sign the box at the very bottom and submit the form via email, campus mail, or in person at the Fitness Center service counter.

Please call the Fitness Center Service Desk at 573-341-4398 or contact Andy Scholl at 573-341-7594 if you have further questions.