October 17th


Missouri University of Science and Technology Student Recreation Center


The tournament entry cost is $25 and all registration will be done online. Registrations are due online by Monday, October 13th. Checks need to be made out to: Missouri S&T Intramurals

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What is Big Pink Volleyball?

Big Pink originated at Western Illinois University in 2002 as a philanthropic volleyball tournament that donates proceeds to breast cancer research.There is one giant twist, though. Unlike you’re normal game of volleyball, the event is played with a four foot pink volleyball. While some individuals may sink away from playing normal volleyball, people of all physical abilities flock to Big Pink for the opportunity to play with this big pink ball. All proceeds for the tournament go to the Breast Cancer Awareness.

Mission of Big Pink?

Big Pink exists to:
1) Educate students, faculty, and staff nationwide regarding breast cancer.
2) Support breast cancer awareness on college campuses and in the community.
3) Create community on college campus through an interactive game.
4) Raise funds for breast cancer research.