What intramural sports are offered?

Section 1- League Sports

  1. Intramural leagues involve competition that spans over several weeks. It is comprised of regular season games and teams who qualify will advance to playoffs. League competition is offered for four (4) divisions:

a)      Men's Competitive Division

b)      Men’s Recreational Division

c)      Co-Rec Division

d)     Women's Division

  1. League Sports that are offered for all of these divisions:

a)      Softball

b)      Flag Football

c)      Volleyball

d)     Basketball

e)      Soccer

  1. League Sports offered to Co-Rec Only (Sunday’s 1p-5p):

a)      Inner Tube Water Polo

b)      4v4 Flag Football

Section 2- Events and Tournaments

  1. Team and Individual/Dual Tournaments are open to Men’s and Women’s Divisions only. These are not tiered by skill level.
  2. Special Events may be open to Men’s, Women’s and Co-Rec Leagues. If an event is listed as OPEN, any eligible participant can compete.
    1. Some of these events require online registration, some do not. Check IMLeagues.com/mst for details about the sport that interests you or your group.


When are sports offered?

Our events are played during the Fall and Spring semester. The intramural website has an intramural calendar link that gives dates for events and when entries are due.  League sports are typically played on Sunday (5 pm to 11 pm) and Mondays to Thursdays (6 pm to 11 pm). The exception is Softball which is played only on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. Playoff games and Volleyball games may be played until later.  Non-major sports are typically played  Friday night  to Saturday with the exception being Ultimate Frisbee which is played Thursday to Sunday. Non-Major Sports may be played on Sunday if they aren’t finished on Saturday night.


How do I sign up Intramural Sports?

All registration is done online at our IMleagues.com page (http://www.imleagues.com/Schools/MST). All participants must create an imleagues account and join their respective teams to participate in intramural sports. There is a link for instructions on the intramural website.


How must does it cost to participate in intramural sports?

The organizations will have the following options:

Option A:

$40/semester dues

  • Dues allow organizations to have an A-team and B-team for major sports and an A team for minor sports and individual/dual sports during that semester (Charity events and $15 Softball ASA fee not included).
  • $10 will go towards a Forfeit Deposit that will be refunded to the team at the end of the semester if there isn't any forfeits. 


Option B:

$25/ major sports

  • Softball($15 ASA fee not included), Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer.
  • $10 will go towards a Forfeit Deposit that will be refunded to the team at the end of the semester if there isn't any forfeits. 

$10/ minor team sports

  • Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Disc Golf, Swimming, Track & Field, Bowling, Golf,and Weightlifting

Free/ individual/dual tournaments

  • There is a 32 team cap on both tournaments. Organizations will receive first priority.
  • Badminton, Billiards, Darts, Racquetball, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Washers


Who can participate?

Section 1 – ONLY Students, faculty, and staff of Missouri S&T are eligible to enter any activity promoted by the Intramural Department.

1)      In order for a student to compete in intramural sports, the student must be enrolled in at least 1 hour at Missouri S&T. Students on cooperative/internship programs must be enrolled as a student to be eligible.

2)      After a season/event has begun, adding players to a team roster must be done under the following conditions:

a)      It is not during a tournament/event.

b)      Additions must be added to the printed roster (IMLeagues roster) prior to the set roster lock date on IMLeagues.

c)      Additions of players from another team is allowed ONLY IF:

i)        The player is moving from Men’s/Women’s Recreational to Men’s/Women’s Competitive

ii)      The player is moving to a team who has not completed their regular season.

iii)    The added player plays for the team that added them at least once.

(a)    If they do not participate in a regular season game for that team, they are ineligible to participate in that team’s playoff games.

d)     The added player plays for no other same gender team for the remainder of the season.

i)        If they participate with any other same gender team, the 2nd team they played for will forfeit all games he/she participates in after the date/time of the infraction.

Section 2 – Intercollegiate Varsity Athletes/Practice Players

  1. An Intercollegiate varsity roster athlete, from any college or university will be ineligible to participate in their sport/event or any associate sport/event for one full academic year afterthe academic year of participation.
    1. (Example: If you are on an Intercollegiate team roster in a sport during the 2012-13 academic year, you cannot participate in that sport during the 2013-14 academic year. You would then be eligible to participate in the 2014-15 academic year.)
    2.  Intramural teams may have only two (2) former intercollegiate varsity roster members that meet the “one year” requirement listed on their team’s IMLeagues roster. They can compete in the Competitive division only. This only applies to the sport they were a member of. (I.E. only 2 former football roster members can play on the same flag football team in the Competitive division)
    3. Transfer students who have obtained a varsity status from a four-year college shall come under the same ruling as stated in Section 3a.
    4. Players practicing or having practiced with the Missouri S&T varsity team are ineligible to compete in that sport/event or any associate sport/event during that academic school year only.

Section 3 - Professional/Semi-Professional athletes:

  1. Anyone who is or has been engaged in professional or semi-professional sports is also ineligible for that sport or associate sports entirely.

Section 4 – Club Sports Members

  1. Team Sport Club Members- No more than two (2) members of a Sport Club team may be on the roster for an Intramural team in their sport or any associate sport. These members are not restricted to a certain division of play. IM Managers will acquire the roster member list from Student Life to verify the club member’s participation with the club.
  2. Individual/Dual Sports Club Members- Are eligible to compete in their sport or any associate sport.

Section 5 – Number of Teams

  1. A player may NOT play on more than one single gender team and one co-rec team in the same sport.

Section 6 – Falsifying Identity

  1. Any participant playing under an assumed name is subject to barring from all intramural activities for the year and that organization shall forfeit all games in which he/she participated.

Section 7 – Consequence of Violation of Above Sections

  1. ANY violation of an eligibility rule will result in the forfeit of all games in which the player participates illegally.
  2. The illegal player may become ineligible for ALL remaining games for that sport and incur further penalties that may be deemed necessary by the Intramural Director and/or Intramural Manager.


Section 8 – Disclaimer


  1. The Intramural Department does not assume the responsibility for checking the eligibility of the participants. Team Captains are responsible for establishment of the eligibility of the players on their roster. However, if ineligible players are reported to the Intramural Managers, appropriate action will be taken with regard to the above rulings.