Missouri S&T Recreation Advisory Board Information

Purpose: Allow student  volunteer recreation participants and staff the opportunity to speak for the student population of S&T in regards to the recreation program and its services. They are primarily responsible for reviewing and  make recommendations for recreation policies, procedures, current programs, disciplinary hearings, and appeals/protests.


The Missouri S&T Recreation Advisory Board positions include the following categories.

Board Positions:  

  • 1 Intramural Sports Supervisor/Office Assistant (Co-Chairperson) - Vacant

    •  1 Facility Supervisor (Co-Chairperson) - Vacant 
  • 1 IM Official - Vacant

  • 1 Inter-Fraternity Council Member - Vacant 

  • 1 Inter-Sorority Council Member - Vacant

  • 1 Intramural Participant - Vacant

  • 2 Students at Large (Non-Greek) - Vacant



Member Responsibilities:

  • To attend all scheduled meetings and additional needs of the Advisory Board.

  • Read, listen, and vote on all cases that come before the Advisory Board.

  • To conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner.

  • In Judicial situations

    • Always consider Due Process and prior precedents

    • Maintain confidentiality of all cases and persons involved.

  • Consider the codes and interests of Missouri University of Science & Technology

  • Never consider personal reservations.



The Advisory Committee Members will only be appointed upon the following components and considerations.

  • Members are appointed on the basis of application and interview.  The applications are reviewed by, and interviews are conducted by the Intramural/Recreation Managers.  The IM Managers reserve the right to waive the interview process. The applicants will also be appointed on their relevant experience and relation to the Athletics and Recreation department.

  • Members are appointed for one term (an academic year).  If they are active members, they will be given the opportunity to serve an additional term.  There is a maximum of two terms.



1.     Five Members of the committee must be present to vote or make a ruling on any disciplinary action, protest or, appeal.

2.     Upon Ejection from an IM Contest or recreational facility, immediate consequences require that the individual vacate the Athletics & Recreation facility (Outdoor Intramural Complex, the Student Recreation Center, or the Indoor Athletic Complex) immediately. From the time of the infraction the individual has 48 hours to register a protest in writing to the IM/Rec Managers.  If they do, the individual has the right to attend, and speak at the Advisory Board meeting if they so choose - A decision will be made regardless of their attendance.  The individual is ineligible to participate in any Intramural contests until the Advisory Board reaches a decision. This may extend to facility usage as determined by the IM/Rec Managers.

3.    The individual will be notified by the Intramural Managers as to their specific situation the day following the incident.

4.    Upon the Advisory  Board’s review of the incident and reaching a decision, the individual will be notified initially by telephone or email the day following the Advisory Board meeting.

5.    Appeals – Decisions arrived at by the Advisory Board may be appealed.  Appeals must be submitted in writing (email) to the Intramural Managers within 24 hours of the notification.